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Welcome to our Insider Application Page. We would love to learn more about you, but before we do, we want to make sure that you know what the insider life is all about. So take a second and click this link to download and read our job description.

Ok, here we go *stretch*. What's your first name? *

Hey {{answer_41057415}}, what's up! 
What's your last name? *

What is your gender? *

What is your nationality?

Aaaaaaand what is your date of birth? *

Alright, how long have you been living in {{answer_41113383}}? *

Tell us, what is the most hidden place in {{answer_41113383}} that you know and that you have been to yourself? *

Please complete the following sentence: "I, {{answer_41057415}} {{answer_41057416}}, solemnly swear that I have experience in... *

If you have any other experience that might be relevant please let us know here.

If not, then you may skip this question.
*Puts on military hat* Ok, now listen here, Private {{answer_41057416}}. We would like you to provide a link to your favourite social media account (it must be your own account).

This is supposed to give us a bit of insight into who you are as a person. Feel free to put down your Facebook, Instagram, etc. Whatever you like. If you do not feel comfortable with this you may skip this step.
Since being an Insider is all about 360° videos we would like you to give us the link to your most favourite 360° video. *

Psst! {{answer_41057415}}! If you don't have one that's ok. Quickly go to Youtube or another platform and look for one that inspires you! ;-)
Please provide us with a video of yourself. Nope, we don't care about what, the only important thing is that we can hear you talk and do something in front of a camera. *

Please make sure you use WeTransfer or YouTube and post the link below. Don't have a video of yourself? Make one! ;-)
Awesome! Thanks for going through all the questions we had. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

As a last thing we would like you to tell us how excited you are about the possibility of becoming an Insider! ;-) *

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